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Speed and simplicity

The system is developed for your business processes. It does not have extra modules that load the servers, so it works faster.


After development, you can independently add the necessary modules and integrations without worrying that the base will "fly off" or have to do everything all over again.

Flexible functionality

The system can be linked to other devices, sensors and machines. This allows you to have consolidated and accurate information online for decision making.

Assistance with purchases and EDS

Our clients include ministries and quasi-state companies. We will help with the development of TOR for the tender, we will take part in it and make a portal using EDS.

Support 24/7

Any state portal requires support. We provide specialists 24/7 to solve operational issues related to the web system.

Transparent reporting

To provide quality reports, we provide a technical writer who will describe the work done in a transparent and understandable way.


Cash-on-Delivery Platform

- CRM platform development for Cash on Delivery sales provider;
- channeling multi-source (sales network, Google sheets) order information into a single management system;
- automation of order reception and processing;
- VoIP and SMS integration;
- automated messaging and call mode for customer interaction;
- real-time delivery process monitoring & operation control;
- maintaining customer database;
- recording historical data and generating detailed business performance reports.

Cash-on-Delivery Platform

Commercial Real Estate Management Portal

- Сreation of a single portal for renting and selling commercial real estate;
- combined multiple databases for facility maintenance within one system;
- developed a single mobile application both for customer and company usage;
- connected BI employees with service companies to control Performers and Engineers.

Commercial Real Estate Management Portal

Passenger Traffic Control and Management System

- Constructed an online train tracking platform with an interactive map showing real-time train locations and displaying a table of all vehicles with their current status, schedule and information;
- integrated train car monitoring system by physically installing variety of sensors which transmit photo & video feed online;
- increased transparency of passenger traffic by real-time tracking and record-keeping, generating traffic statistics, reports and analysis;
- added employee management system with variable access rights.

Passenger Traffic Control and Management System

High-end “Earth Hour” Website

- Launched visually appealing, technically challenging website capable of handling heavy traffic;
- increased the "I want to help” message conversion;
- retained the Bitrix back-end architecture from the previous year.

High-end “Earth Hour” Website

Dealer Network Automation

- Automated the process of receiving customer orders and distributing them among the Dealers;
- increased transparency and control in the product supply chain;
- added marketing tools, such as bonus program, to incentivize sales;
- enabled real-time delivery monitoring.

Dealer Network Automation
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We make the design convenient and intuitive, without overloading with details. Additional training is not required.


A system designed for the needs of your business, without unnecessary modules, works up to ten times faster than a boxed solution.

+ HighLoad development using microservice architecture.


A system designed for the needs of your business, without unnecessary modules, works up to ten times faster than a boxed solution.

+ HighLoad development using microservice architecture.



We develop documentation for the development of design and software. We provide a detailed estimate of the project team.

Design layouts

We collect layouts and develop software interface design.


We develop key functionality. We provide intermediate results. We keep you informed of all stages of the project.


We test and troubleshoot all custom scripts and integrations with third-party services.

Integration and support

We host on servers. Transferring source codes. We train how to work with the created product and support the correct work.



Feedback from our customers
Feedback from our customers
Feedback from our customers
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