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Dealer Network Automation

- Automated the process of receiving customer orders and distributing them among the Dealers;
- increased transparency and control in the product supply chain;
- added marketing tools, such as bonus program, to incentivize sales;
- enabled real-time delivery monitoring.

Dealer Network Automation

High-end “Earth Hour” Website

- Launched visually appealing, technically challenging website capable of handling heavy traffic;
- increased the "I want to help” message conversion;
- retained the Bitrix back-end architecture from the previous year.

High-end “Earth Hour” Website

Passenger Traffic Control and Management System

- Constructed an online train tracking platform with an interactive map showing real-time train locations and displaying a table of all vehicles with their current status, schedule and information;
- integrated train car monitoring system by physically installing variety of sensors which transmit photo & video feed online;
- increased transparency of passenger traffic by real-time tracking and record-keeping, generating traffic statistics, reports and analysis;
- added employee management system with variable access rights.

Passenger Traffic Control and Management System Government Aid Portal

- Created full-spectrum portal with CRM and ERP systems and document management, as well as a news platform;
- developed internal infrastructure for supporting agency, allowing application processing, fully-electronic certification, reporting, and user management;
- provided full transparency for application approval pipeline, excluding corruption practices;
- near-zero paper burden reduction through electronic application and document handling;
- extended equal opportunity for participants from all regions to join the project; Government Aid Portal
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Feedback from our customers
Feedback from our customers
Feedback from our customers
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