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8 причин, по которым стоит инвестировать в системы планирования

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can act as the brains of an organization. However, if your brain lacked understanding of your body’s strengths, weaknesses and abilities, your body would move erratically. Like the brain and body, an ERP system helps to integrate different functions or departments within a company.

With the right choice, ERP software can help maintain company information and processes for a variety of company functions. Some of the more popular features include manufacturing, human resources, customer relationship management, and finance. Users can seamlessly access information in a shared database in real time for better decision making. In the past, each division of the company relied on its own computer applications. This made inter-departmental collaboration difficult because shared information was not easily accessible from individual computer applications.

While an ERP system can be useful for small businesses looking to streamline processes and improve customer service, deciding which system will work best can be a daunting task. Using a robust checklist for ERP can help determine what features and benefits you should get for your quality system.

Here are just a few of the benefits your small business can get from investing in ERP systems:

1 Scalability

You never know where your small business might be in a year or two. ERP systems are easily scalable to meet the needs of your business. Whether you need to introduce new processes or departments, or cut funds through funding, the system is easily customizable at every stage of your organization.


Outsourcing holding «Chamomile Group» started as a small company with bookoutsourcing services. The collaboration began with a small ticketing system to handle inquiries from the company’s clients. The main task is to reduce the number of channels for receiving information. We implemented the system, realized that it works, reduced costs by 4 times, due to the dismissal of unnecessary employees. Now the company has grown, serves customers in 5 areas and has a personal ERP system, which integrates document management, work with the EDS and the same ticket system.

2 Improved reporting

Incorrect reporting can lead to inefficient business decisions. ERP systems, on the other hand, provide automated templates that allow different departments to export information across the board for more accurate statistics and reports.


Finbook service development. The entire product is a comprehensive reporting system. ICE, fin. accounting for the manager, planned expense and analytics for each penny invested. The service is currently under development. After the preliminary presentation, more than 300 company directors joined the focus group.

3 Saves money

When managers can create reports and view general information from the same system, it reduces the potential for delays in business processes and collaboration. Thus, the less time spent on delays, the more money can be returned to the growth and development of the business.


The youth corps development project in the admin panel has more than 40 fields in an auto-generated generalized real-time data table. Each specialist can adjust the table for himself. The system saves the state (according to rough calculations, only on paper and logistics) from $ 230,000 annually.

4 Improve customer relationships

After all, business is all about providing quality products or services to customers. When an ERP system is implemented, it streamlines business processes that simultaneously improve the ability of staff to provide better customer service.


BeBetter Consulting ordered a personnel assessment automation system using its own methodology. The influx of customers + 40% in 3 months on the recommendations.

5 Improved collaboration

Now functioning departments of the company can seamlessly work together on consumer accounts, projects and other business tasks through one database. The information is easily accessible for use, updates and comments in real time.


Our own system in conjunction with the Telegram bot, Trello and Gitlab gave a performance increase of about 20%. Calculated according to the costs of similar projects. From the first meeting to the delivery of the system.

6 Improved data access

Managing across multiple platforms can be time consuming for managers. Deciding who has access and who doesn’t, and tracking progress across multiple systems can leave room for error. However, by working through one platform, it is easier for managers to manage user accounts in the system.


System for the regional anti-corruption hub under the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Completely closed portal for specialists from the CIS. At the time of implementation (2017), it had more than 50 different access levels and a role constructor.

7 Best Supply Chains

The right ERP system can help in the effective management of a company’s supply chain. From purchasing and inventory to demand forecasting and supplier payments, it’s all ready to go.

The case of a logistics company is currently under development.

8 Simplicity

Have you ever heard the saying, “Work smarter, not harder?”. The implementation of an ERP system helps to carry out the operational process smoothly. With carefully designed systems, the entire company can be more productive.


Automation of the International College of Continuing Education in Almaty. We introduced our own product, tied it to biometrics and accounting. As a result, delays in payment were reduced by 15%, attendance increased by 4% over 3 months, the time for reporting was reduced by 30 times. Now the teacher, head teacher or director simply presses a button in the system.

Enterprise resource planning systems can provide many benefits for small businesses. ERPs help structure functioning departments so that they can seamlessly collaborate on company processes. If you’re considering investing in an ERP system, be sure to use analytical tools and checklists to make sure you’re purchasing a system that will help improve workflows without complicating them.

P.S. We specifically wrote different examples of systems so that everyone can find something of their own. A case study on the automation of a mining group of companies will appear next year, because the system is under development. Many things are closed by the NDA. More examples can be found in our presentation.

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