How do upgrade a pawn shop with a mobile app? [Developer’s case] | Sailet

                                                                                                                                        Maksim Belyakov

Maximal automation of business to reduce the cost of personnel, rent, and advertising is a dream and pain of every entrepreneur. Imagine that you don’t need to keep a huge staff of advertising and customer service professionals. Customers buy the goods themselves, make a contract and pay the money … remotely. Your phone will provide a client analyst.  Does it look convenient? The task of IT specialists is to implement convenient technologies into reality.

How useful are mobile applications in business? 

  • Growth of enterprise profit;
  • Establishing contact with clients;
  • Brand recognition;
  • Automation of processes;
  • Remote work of employees;
  • Fast and accessible analytics;
  • Competitive advantage.

Maxim Belyakov — director of the studio told about the work on the mobile application for pawnshops.

Who are we?

Sailet is a business automation, web, and mobile development studio. 

We are engaged in web development, application development, and business process automation.

We create corporate and national portals, SAAS services, web systems with various integrations, and mobile applications for Android and IOS systems.


Our loan management process was given the duty of automation by the client. (for the pawnshop as well as the customers). The purpose is to inform users, provide financial services and manage the account, and loans.

Design stage 


Application process 

Talking about creating an application, no one knows what it brings to the end. We are exploring the areas of the future program. Setting out the whole business process. Isolate what we can automate. And finally, start planning it.


Change is constant in the IT industry. You must be able to work swiftly, flexibly, and for a specific outcome. Different planning methods (Agile, Kanban, and Scrum) enable us to visualize processes, identify bottlenecks, and design a work strategy. We recognize that the work is dependent on the company’s employees’ accountability. The work on this project was divided into the following stages:

1. Development of mobile application layouts and admin panel

2. Development of application layout design and admin panel

3. Development of mobile application and admin panel

4. Integration of the application with 1C base

5. Application publishingThe customer and we agreed to the deadlines for 2 months.

Process through the eyes of the responsible Customer. (in GitLab)


Framework React Native is used to develop the mobile application. The development language is JavaScript. The development of the Administrator panel and the Web version was carried out using the Framework React for the frontend part and the Node.js for the backend part. Mongo DB was used as a database.

We have thought through all the details before working on the project. How will be visually designed application page be? Where convenient to place the menu, buttons, and FAQ. Sailet team is a set of values within which we build our work with products, with processes within the organization.

Figma p.1
Figma p.2 Admin panel

The functionality of the application

The client and the administrator are the app’s target audiences. 

The client has the option to:

  • Check the maximum loan amount on the most recently redeemed collateral; 
  • Examine the current payback plan for each loan separately; 
  • Receive payment notices and reminders, as well as notices of delays; 
  • Refund payments or use the payment system to make online payments; 
  • Send a message of encouragement; 
  • Learn the locations of the branches and the distances between them; 
  • Calculate the loan amount for gold, automobiles, and other collateral (smartphones, laptops, building supplies, auto parts, fur coats, and so on) using the calculator. 
  • See the company’s news and stock; 
  • Learn about the services offered and the pawnshop’s rules.

The pawnshop’s administrator can:

  • View statistics on customers and payments;
  • Manage settings within the application;
  • View registered users;
  • View statistics with the number of ads, open and closed, as well as users in the system.

We made the application in two languages ​​(Kazakh and Russian). You can add any language in the world. In a pawnshop, it is important to accept customer payments. We have connected a payment system for online payments. The application integrates with 1C to download data and updates.

What occurred next… 

The app has been in use for more than six months. The customer decided to skip the mobile version. A web version has been created. The back office, which is based on 1C version 7, will be updated as the project progresses. 

We’ve built and are still building a unified information environment for the pawnshop’s personnel and customers. The customer received instructions and technical support in addition to a ready-made mobile application. Active clients came to him as a bonus.


Testing the application in the conditions of ordinary life showed that it is a convenient personal account and a huge time-saving. No need to visit the company office during business hours. Everything can be done by holding a mobile phone.