When do you need a mobile app? | Sailet
Когда нужно мобильное приложение?

1) Need to increase sales

Mobile apps can attract and retain customers. For example, using push notifications, you can remind customers about new products and services and offer various promotions and discounts.

According to a study by the international advertising platform Criteo:
47% of all consumers buy through apps. This is 2 times more than sales on the mobile version of the site, and 14% more than on desktop PCs.

2) It is necessary to increase loyalty and simplify communication with the client

A convenient and fast application in itself increases customer loyalty. You can develop a loyalty program that will increase customer confidence. For example, a mobile application can replace a bonus card. People can forget the bonus card at home, but a smartphone with a built-in bonus card is always at hand.

In the mobile application, you can add a chat with a manager, a consultant who will answer all customer questions. People prefer to write than to call.

An example of a bonus card in «Astykzhan». With a mobile application, a forgotten bonus card at home is not a problem.

3) It is necessary to stimulate repeat purchases and increase the average check

The main advantage of the mobile application is that the smartphone is always at hand. People order more and more often through mobile applications. You can make personalized offers on smartphones that will help you sell more and more often.

In the Aviasales mobile application, you can not only book air tickets, but also book a hotel room, read increase the average bill (Air ticket + hotel room.

4) It is necessary to automate business processes

Mobile applications can automate some business processes. For example, Internet banking automates many processes in a bank: account operations, transfers, payment for services, and so on. People no longer need to go to branches, which means they don’t need a large staff.

Banking application of Kaspi Bank, in which you can pay for 3,000 services without getting up from the couch.