How does a mobile application help travel agencies develop? | Sailet
Как мобильное приложение помогает турагентствам развиваться?

The smartphone has become an integral part of any tourist. According to TripAdvisor, 45% of users use their smartphone for everything related to their vacation. He is next to the person throughout the journey.

And according to a 2018 Criteo study, the share of mobile device use is more than a third and will steadily grow,

Seeing this trend, KLM Airlines launched a Facebook Messenger bot. The essence of the bot, when you book a flight through their online store, they offer the ability to receive updates and check-in recommendations through Facebook Messenger. Thus, the user has the necessary information about the flight in the phone and within the application that he had.

Another observed trend noticed by Criteo is that up to 80% of last minute bookings are made on mobile devices.

Already today, global players in the travel market prefer mobile versions, preferring first of all to develop and launch new products on smartphone platforms.

Based on this trend, a question arises. Do companies need a mobile application, or should they limit themselves to the mobile version of the site?

Benefits of the mobile application:

1) Information support

As part of the mobile application, you can give information about the flight, hotel. Also inside the mobile application, you can store basic documents: passport scans, insurance, hotel vouchers, air tickets, invoices.

With the help of push notifications, you can keep up to date with any changes, flight delays, route changes, etc.

Also, within the mobile application, you can provide support throughout the tour, this useful feature will help increase customer loyalty and establish yourself as a reliable partner.

2) High level of personalization

Personalization is the future. Imagine situations where we offer a tour to a client, preventing his expectations. Based on the search history in the application, tours can be offered using push notifications.

3) Increases the average check

Clients can be offered additional services, such as: excursions, events, transfers directly from the mobile application.

Indeed, according to Criteo, the average check is higher in mobile applications.

4) Reduce costs

In a travel agency, the main expense item is staff. Accordingly, if you automate the work of managers inside the mobile application, you can reduce costs. In applications, you can automate the purchase of tours, attaching documents, booking hotels, invoicing.

5) Repeat sales

It is clear that tours are not used every day or month. But if a potential client downloads this application, then his data will be in the database, and if he does not delete the application, then attractive push notifications can be sent to him.