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Modern gadgets mainly work on Android and IOS operating systems. In the arsenal of devices there is a set of various applications. The number and subject of them is determined by the preferences of users. Each application, before appearing in the public domain, goes through a certain path.

Custom development

The client makes an application at the office or on the site. Conducted business analysis of the product. Planned tasks, target audience, competition are determined. The cost will depend on the level of complexity of the project and the timing of implementation.

A program can be written for a specific operating system. In this case, the development cost increases, because the program is developed separately for IOS and Android. The optimal solution would be cross-platform development, which allows the application to work equally well on the specified operating systems.


The work on creating an application goes in several stages:

  • drawing a layout based on the wishes of the customer;
  • writing program code;
  • adding extensions;
  • designing BACK-END (server part) and API (special interface for interacting with third-party resources);
  • testing to identify deficiencies;
  • preparation of documents in Apple and Google.

The final step is the publication of the created application in the App Store and Google Play stores. If there is no payment in the application, we can publish from our accounts, for up to a year. It is better, of course, that the customer, at the development stage, is already involved in registering accounts. We will fully help you with this.


The main thing for users of mobile applications is practicality and functionality. Even if these figures are on top, an unassuming design will scare off potential users. In order for the application to be in the top requests, certain rules must be observed in the development of design:

  1. general background. Should be simple, no frills. A monochromatic theme will allow the user to navigate more comfortably;
  2. color palette. Shades should match the nature of the application. It is recommended to select the color scheme in accordance with the Mood board service, so that when you open the application, a positive mood arises;
  3. ease of navigation. Requirements for the menu: minimalism, convenience, compactness, intelligibility. The system of swiping gestures used should not cause difficulties.

The interface should be recognized by all devices and be easy to use. The trend is now integration with popular social networks. Adding social messenger buttons will allow authorization and add value to the project.

Benefits of professional services

The development of full-featured mobile applications is now an independent direction in the IT industry. Creating a high-quality application on Android and IOS platforms is within the power of a team of professionals, each expert of which specializes in a particular area. The designer is responsible for the appearance, the programmer for the performance, the analytical service for the quality of the product. The responsibilities of developers after the launch of applications include:

  • monitoring reviews;
  • elimination of defects;
  • regular update.

By default, we provide a free warranty for 3 months. In addition, we can provide technical service. support, which includes the above three points and monitoring the health of servers and the application itself.

A systematic approach in the team provides the required result. Working in conjunction guarantees the integrity of the final product in all categories. The best confirmation of the relevance and quality of a mobile application can be the number of downloads by its consumers.

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