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С чего начинается поисковое продвижение и раскрутка сайтов

How does search engine promotion and site promotion begin?

Perhaps, the primary stage of page promotion is laid at the stage of its development. Judge for yourself: the creation of sites as a sales tool should be carried out according to special methods, the specifics of which are familiar only to professional developers. Of course, you can ask a young amateur hacker from a neighboring entrance to create and promote a corporate page for a penny — then you will be convinced by a personal example of the need for a professional approach. And this very professional approach will cost you three times more, because sometimes it is more difficult to «revive» a non-working site than to create a new web resource. So it’s better to immediately order a comprehensive service for promoting a company or your personal page in a specialized office — the developers will not only create a profitable presentation of your business, but also take care of its high-quality optimization and promotion.

How is search engine promotion and site optimization carried out in reality?

Let’s just say: far from double. Website promotion in search engines requires a long time investment and will be carried out in stages — this is the only way to make the site take first place in search engines and start bringing real profit to the company. Search promotion and promotion of sites in a professional manner begins with the internal optimization of a web resource, which should reveal the weaknesses of your company’s information portal.

Full-fledged search engine optimization requires a complete analysis of the site structure and competent semantic content, which becomes the weakest point of many web resources. After all, search promotion in search engines Yandex (Yandex) Google (Google) today is distinguished by special evaluation criteria: if non-unique content is placed on your site, the search robot will simply greatly lower the position of the site in the search results. And to fill the company’s official website with original semi-nonsense, full of key phrases, a sober-minded owner simply will not raise his hand: as soon as a potential client sees an incomprehensible text, he will immediately leave the suspicious page.

How to deal with the content of the pages of your site?

The choice is small: you can remember the Russian language lessons and try to create a few articles for the web portal on your own. The main difficulty of the average «scribbler» arises with the introduction of keywords into a coherent text, without which the information presented turns into a useless text, and search engine optimization without keywords becomes almost impossible. So it is better to entrust the writing of texts for your site to professionals.

What caused such lengthy procedures with filling the site with specific content and internal linking of pages?

A banal need to attract interested (!) users to the site, who can bring real and immediate money to the company. Search engine optimization, which cannot ensure the output of links to a corporate resource in the leading position of search engines, is considered a meaningless idea. Imagine: a client who is eager to purchase certain products or services of your company simply does not have time to get to your portal because of more successful companies that have taken the first places in Yandex or Google. High-quality seo optimization will never allow such a development of events: your and only your site must be rated perfectly by search robots, otherwise you will never be able to ensure constant customer acquisition through your web resource. We figured out the motivation for optimizing the site, now we will try to analyze the further actions of promotion specialists. When the development of sites comes to the final stage, no less time-consuming process begins — external optimization.

Direct promotion of sites in search engines can be carried out by all available methods (on the scale of white promotion): in war, as they say, all means are good.

You can constantly update unique content on the site, relink with other sites or use contextual advertising — search engine promotion in Yandex (Yandex) Google (Google) search engines will not bring results without such measures. As mentioned above, it is better to implement the website promotion tools proposed by optimizers using special marketing schemes — only the financial side of the issue can become an insurmountable obstacle in implementing the planned promotion plans. But if there are temporary difficulties with free money in your business, do not despair: search engine promotion and website optimization can be done in one or two ways for some time. The main thing is that the search engine optimization of your site is in the hands of specialists — they will help you choose the right tools for optimization and promotion.

Do not forget that full-fledged search engine optimization and economy are completely incompatible things. The creation of high-level websites in all areas of business has led to the fact that the struggle for the first places in search engines turns into a real battle. Search promotion and website optimization of some firms is carried out in all possible ways (white, gray and black methods of promotion are used), so the cost of attracting the target category can be truly overwhelming. The mere acquisition of a couple of eternal links can cost the monthly salary of an average manager. On the other hand, top-level search promotion and promotion of sites can significantly increase the number of interested customers and fully recoup the money spent on advertising on the Internet. So if you are determined to take your business to a high level, be prepared for the costs.

At the same time, it should be understood that even complex optimization cannot save you from the constant need to maintain the site. Professional optimizers can provide a web resource with leading positions in search engines, create an interested audience of customers, but they will in no way protect your offspring from competition with other sites on the Internet without constant work on it. Remember: competitors are on the alert, so even a promoted site without constant optimization and search engine promotion will soon lose its positions. Do not waste time — find conscientious developers and seo optimizers and see for yourself the effectiveness of a well-optimized website!

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