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5 самых актуальных тенденций корпоративной мобильности

In the past few years, we have seen a huge demand for remote work. The introduction of remote work has made a significant contribution to the development of enterprise mobility technologies, and we have also witnessed the huge growth of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Since most employees of firms feel more comfortable working on their own devices. However, there are several issues that enterprise mobility faces, and one of them is security. But still, there are advantages in this project, and many of them are expected in 2019.

Why is the enterprise mobility market growing so fast?
The enterprise mobility market is booming. This is because companies have realized the importance of many new age technological inventions such as cloud computing. Therefore, they have begun to apply technologies that improve and modernize their overall technology ecosystem. Companies are constantly looking for new developments that will help increase productivity, but at the same time reduce costs. This is where the role of enterprise mobility solutions comes into play. Because these solutions not only help firms improve their productivity, but also the quality of their operations. They also help firms cut costs. If a BYOD policy is adopted, then firms will not have to invest in large scale IT infrastructure. In addition, the workflow becomes efficient. Also, delays will decrease as employees can access more work at once through their own devices. The enterprise mobility market is only expected to grow in the near future.

Listed below are some of the major trends in the world of enterprise mobility to look forward to in 2019:

5G will take the speed of operations to another level.
The conversation around 5G is everywhere, but it’s only now that the time has come for people to actually try out the network.
5G will be a groundbreaking transformation and will force carriers to rethink their network setups.
In 2019 — 2020, 5G will cover most of the core network. And many employees will use the 5G network. It is expected that the connection to this network will appear in 2019. This will also provide users with many cost-effective service packages. But when it comes to enterprise mobility, there is no doubt that 5G will impact the speed of operations.

Artificial intelligence will lead to revolutionary innovation.
In 2019, artificial intelligence and enterprise mobility are expected to converge. Machine and artificial intelligence will be the backbone of flourishing technological innovation in enterprise mobility. Artificial intelligence will definitely affect the portability of the solution in many ways. Starting from the development of cross-platform mobile applications, and ending with the improvement of user experience.
Artificial intelligence will greatly contribute to the development of the industry. In addition, programmers will help experts in the field of security. Artificial intelligence and many new age technologies will be used to strengthen the security of data that is transmitted through many different mobile devices. This will only be possible with advanced speech and visual gesture recognition.

Data security and digital transformation.
Data is always vital when it comes to accelerating digital transformation. With the help of an advanced analytics platform, experts will be able to find useful insights. In addition, digital transformation leaders will be able to optimize data to enhance privacy. Companies will need to find better and more secure data management solutions. As firms will be held responsible for data vulnerabilities, they must therefore ensure that the technologies they use are strong enough to protect data.

More options for remote work.
Although there are various reasons that lead to the emergence of enterprise mobility solutions, but the increase in demand will also be one of the main factors. In 2019, we may see more opportunities for remote work. This will lead to the demand for even more and better enterprise mobility solutions. At the same time, even advances in enterprise mobility will lead to more remote work experiences.

Growth of IoT and enterprise mobility.
IoT is linked to enterprise mobility in many ways. The core of IoT and Enterprise Mobility is communication between various smart devices that aim to facilitate communication. Because both involve connecting multiple mobile devices. The connection between IoT and enterprise mobility will certainly lead to increased productivity and growth for firms. Only companies using the latest technologies and devices will be able to experience increased productivity. With interconnected devices that employees will use in different locations. It will be easier for firms to track their day-to-day interactions. It will also allow the firm to develop a behavior model. Needless to say, this will benefit both the employee and the company in many ways.

In addition, in 2019 we will see a much greater adoption of the cloud. Although many firms have already begun to use various cloud computing. But in 2019, this trend will increase. This will greatly simplify the implementation and integration of enterprise mobility solutions.
Many enterprise mobile app developers have predicted many of the leading trends in the enterprise mobility market for 2019. Many of these latest innovations are expected to bring many changes across the entire enterprise mobility ecosystem. Mobile technology is expected to evolve in many ways.

In addition, many innovations are expected in the world of enterprise mobility, and companies are ready to do everything possible for this. Business is evolution and our company is always ready to provide unique solutions for the development of your business. Leave a request on the site and start changing your business today.