How Telegram bots help businesses | Sailet
Как бизнесу помогают Telegram-боты.

Telegram bots are a relatively new opportunity to develop business, even the state uses them. For example, Smart Astana bot. Personally, I used it in the recent elections to find out my polling station.

What is a Telegram bot:

A Telegram bot is a software-driven Telegram account, sometimes with artificial intelligence features. Bots can teach, play, search, remind, integrate with other services, or even send commands to other services.”

What bots can do:

1) Communicate with clients

A bot can be trained to respond to popular answers. If the bot cannot answer, then a live person connects.

Benefit for business — reduction of costs for operators.

A similar solution was implemented by the online consultant of the Kyivstar telecom operator. The implementation of this solution allowed to reduce the cost of a contact by 58%, increasing the throughput (according to LiveTex).

2) Remind customers

The bot can be reminded about a visit to the doctor, about delivery, about ordering water to the office, about renewing insurance. They also report personal discounts and offers.

3) Be an extension of a web service

Telegram bots access the web service database and transmit information.

2 examples: telegram bot of low prices from Aviasales and telegram bot from Kazpost.

Aviasales sends notifications when cheap tickets become available. In the telegram bot of Kazpost, you can pay for services, find out where the package is and much more.

Which business can use bots

1) Online store

You can use bots to automate order processing.

For example, an online coffee shop “Buy coffee” with the help of a telegram bot was able to increase sales among new customers by 20–25%.

The online store has made a mailing list for regular customers and wholesale buyers. Thanks to push companies, the number of orders among them increased by 5-7% compared to previous months.

2) Internet media

For example, the Ukrainian bot @mediamonitoringbot collects all mentions on a certain topic.

3) HoReCa

Burger King is using a Telagram bot to notify decision makers when self-service kiosks malfunction. After the implementation, clear statistics appeared on the number of applications and the time they were resolved. The most problematic devices were identified and corrected

Advantages of Telegram

  • Transferring files of any format and size (archives, spreadsheets in Excel, PDF instructions, and so on)
  • Cloud storage of information
  • Possibility of synchronization with different devices. Telegram allows login from multiple devices without limiting the user by the number of sessions
  • High level of security.