Examples of program integration among themselves | Sailet
Примеры интеграции программ между собой

Quite often, companies have several programs that have a life of their own, and they are not connected to each other. In such cases, production efficiency is lost, somewhere you need to manually transfer data from one system to another, somewhere you need to make extra clicks, and so on.
This problem is solved by combining systems with each other — integration.

What integration gives:

  1. Standardization. Establishes a single corporate standard for working with data, greatly simplifies work and speeds up processes.
  2. Automation. Collects information from various sources, converts to the desired format and can be seen in one place.
  3. Efficiency. By combining all programs in one window, the whole picture of the company is visible, which allows you to make the best decision.

What can be combined with:
Website + CRM = increased sales
Applications automatically get into CRM, creating a task for the manager. In such a union, applications are not lost.

CRM+ATS = increased sales
-calls are automatically transferred to the necessary employees;
-managers know who is calling them, seeing the whole history with the client

  • all conversations with customers can be recorded and listened to again.
  • you can call from CRM

1C+ATS = workflow optimization
-Invoice and act appear on the manager’s screen, and you can send the necessary documents to the counterparty in one click.

Website + CRM + Chatbot + PBX + Corp. mail = automated sales department
-this configuration increases efficiency by at least 2 times

CRM + ERP = automation of the transfer process from sales to production
-increases transparency
-absence of “forgot to say”, “didn’t hear”
-complete information about the cost of the client and the margin

There are a lot of such examples, or you can leave a request on sailet.pro or send this post to your friends so that we can offer a solution for your company.