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Stages of growth


    Started a company to help clients


    Launched the first local branch in Almaty, Kazakhstan


    Launched 2 international branches in Uzbekistan and Russia


    TOP 15 web studios of Kazakhstan and TOP 5 app developers entered


    Launched international branches in the USA and Georgia


Sailet enhances customers’ operational quality, revenue scalability, effectiveness, and work culture through process optimization focused on innovative technologies and automation.

Max Bel

Sailet will cultivate a creative and forward-thinking environment by engaging and developing stellar staff members from various backgrounds, cultures and corners of the world.

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Tg: @bel_max
WhatsApp: +7 778 7 345 887
Max Bel: CEO



Each client is a friend of the company and we are ready to become your guides to the IT world.


We are building a service, so we give our clients solutions and do not expect ready-made technical specifications from them.


We hire only those people who are passionate about their work and provide all the resources for development.


We follow the principles of flexible functionality, so we always release projects on time.


We value honesty, so we give a complete vision to our clients. If we make a mistake, we are responsible for it.

Customers about us

Renat Kashapov

Their team did all the work in a short time and made all the edits as quickly as possible.

Shayakhmetov Shakir

During the cooperation, Sailet have shown their ability to approach the tasks with full responsibility, to perform work efficiently and on time. We recommend Saylet LLC for cooperation.

Vera Kim

Sailet specialists demonstrated high professionalism, responsiveness and efficiency. We recommend Saylet LLC for cooperation.

Working with a customer

Studying the scope of the future program

To get the most out of it, we need to know and understand what your business specializes in. Then we can literally squeeze the maximum out by making the functionality of the program fully involved in the work. This is a tool to make your business more successful.

Personal work manager

Keep up to date with everything that happens with your project thanks to a personal manager. He will always tell you everything and tell you at what stage of development we are now.

Learn how to use the program

If desired, for managers or responsible persons, we conduct a brief tour of the work and functionality of the program, tell how and what works, run the work in test mode for an example. We analyze the main mistakes, look for solutions as we go.

Project technical support

Support of the project after its delivery to the client, its further development and improvement with the expansion of the company and its specialization.


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